Jacqueline Kasemier

Jacqueline Kasemier was born in Groningen (Holland) and attended  the Minerva School of Art in that town. She lives and works at Usquert  (province of Groningen). 

The subjects of her work are extensive in scope, ranging from thematic representations, still lifes and landscapes to church interiors and  commissioned portraits. 
Many of her subjects are about themes taken from mythology and history, such as a series of portraits of Margherita Datini (Prato, 14th century), a series of portraits and themes from the diaries of the 17 th-century Englishman, Samuel Pepys, a series of portraits of mistresses, among others a portrait of Madame de Pompadour.
An abstract application of materials in combination with a realistic approach result in a subtle liveliness. This combination of differing styles enhances both viewing pleasure and painting delight.
A freer touch has shown itself more and more frequently of late, lending itself excellently for her most recent subject, that of 'water'. 

A book has been published in 2011, containing a review of her work during 40 years  of art. Wellknown artists and publishers have contributed in this book with their views on her work.


Jacqueline Kasemier is co-founder of the artist' society "De Groninger Kroon"; she was a member of the board for fifteen years.

She is co-founder and chairwoman of the foundation "Stichting Berlagehuis Usquert", a foundation created to focus attention on the former town hall of Usquert by the architect H.P. Berlage. It does so by organizing talks and other events about architecture in the province of Groningen